São Pedro da Aldeia

São Pedro da Aldeia is one of the major historical and cultural centers, whose history intertwines with the national and also the state of Rio de Janeiro storyline. It houses monuments of great importance as the Casa da Flor (wich won the Popular Culture Award by the Identity and Cultural Diversity Secretary/ Culture Ministry in 2007) and churches built by priests in the village foundation, as the Igreja Matriz de São Pedro. In this city, you’ll find the Naval Air Base of São Pedro da Aldeia – (BAeNSPA), headquarter of the Command of the Naval Air Force, of Brazilian Navy, that plays an important role in national defense. BAeNSPA also houses the Museum of Naval Aviation.

Dr Plinio Assis Tavares Square: In it is the historic mark of the city, with reference to the main celebration dates of São Pedro da Aldeia. See also the sixteenth century cannon which, according to history, for centuries had been placed in the Praia da Ponta da Peça, defending that region from the adventurous attack

Tile House: It is the most imposing building of the avenue, built in 1847. Housed Elizabeth Princess and her husband, Conde d’Eu, who was visiting the region. Note that some properties have gabled roofs, and other constructed parapets on their facades, that by order of the city, probably in the twenties, to prevent rainwater from falling on top of pedestrians.

Agenor Santos Square: Here you will find one of the most beautiful postcards of São Pedro da Aldeia, the architectural ensemble of the Jesuit Church, built in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, in the old indians village, and that preserve sacred images inside. Was built according to the techniques used at the time: with stone, lime and fish oil. The Igreja da Frente (Church of the Front) or Capela do Sagrado Coração (Sacred Heart Chapel) is newer, built in the nineteenth century. Next to the old church is the Cemiterio Paroquial (Parish Cemetery), founded in 1850 by Venerable Brotherhood of the Blessed Sacrament, becoming known as the Brotherhood Cemetery. Some deposits are the work of the artist-sculptor Francisco de Salles, and feature marble sculptural images, composing a rich collection of funerary art. Continuing our walk, be sure to visit the Public Library Professor Cordelino (Teacher Cordelino) and the Gabriel Joaquim dos Santos Culture House, wich presents plastic arts exposicions and crafts of aldeenses artists.

São Pedro da Aldeia (2016):
Area: 339.647 Km 2.
Population: 93.659 population
Climate: Tropical with dry winter
Timezone: UTC -3 hours
Longitude: 22o 50’20” S 42o 06’10” O
Distance from Rio de Janeiro: 135 km
Language: Portuguese
Local Currency: Real
Telefones Useful phone numbers:
Hospital: (55) (22) 2621-8635
Taxi: (22) 2621-1767
Bus Station: (55) (22) 2627-7055//2621-1559
Tourist Information Center: (55) (22) 2621-1559


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