Rio das Ostras

The city of 115,000 inhabitants is one of the fastest growing in Brazil. Beaches, sun, many attractive and strategic location in the Lakes Region, the Costa del Sol. Located 170 km from Rio de Janeiro, she conquers visitors from around the country.

Rio das Ostras has 28 km of coastline, clean and calm waters. Nature has been generous with the city. Its 15 beaches enchant by the preservation and infrastructure. The visitor is calm and ideal for bathing. But those who prefer extreme emotions can count on perfect surfing beaches. In fact, when it comes to beach, Rio das Ostras has options for all styles and the sun shines at least 300 days a year.

Attractions such as the Whale Square, entertainment area in Costazul edge, provide beautiful scenery incorporated into the natural setting. This sightseeing tour that also includes Iriry Lagoon, the Municipal Park and the Bird Park, which houses one of the largest conservation nurseries in Latin America.

Rio das Ostras has five Conservation Units. The historic attractions also make it a special place. Museums, cultural centers, craft fairs and a variety of trade part of the schedule of visitors.

The Eco-Rural de Rio das Ostras Circuit gathers field, mountains and lakes. There are dozens of farms that welcome tourists, contact that also enhances the flavors of farms and ranches.


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