Casimiro de Abreu

The great advantage of Casemiro de Abreu is the association of the mountains and the sea in the tourist context. Few cities have been covered with such natural wealth. In addition, there are historical potential. There is the museum Casimiro de Abreu’s House where the poet who lends his name to the city, lived most of his life -, and the architectural ensemble of the Beira-Rio, in the district of Barra de São João. There is also a train station, built in the nineteenth century, which besides being one of the postcards of the city is now a space that is home to all kinds of artistic events.

Ecotourism is one of the main vocations. Along the BR-101 is Serramar Road (RJ-142) connecting Casimiro de Abreu to Nova Friburgo a true natural paradise with waterfalls, streams and wildlife. There are also the beauties of Barra de São João district. The Beira-Rio has a charming landscape that have Morro São João at the background, an extinct volcano with nearly 800 meters high, making the scene with preserved mangroves and waters clean.

The cemetery is at the bottom of the Chapel of St. John the Baptist, built by the Jesuits in 1638, which houses the mouth of the river St. John. The view there still includes the old railway bridge, which collapsed without ever being used by a train, and today is postcard of the city.

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