Cabo Frio

Is located at an altitude of four meters above the sea level and is bordered by Buzios (east), Arraial do Cabo (south), Araruama and São Pedro da Aldeia (west), and Casimiro de Abreu and Silva Jardim (north). It is the seventh oldest city in Brazil and the main one of the Região dos Lagos. It is well known for its tourist attractions, being Praia do Forte the main tourist center.

Passage: Walking in the charming beira-canal da Passagem neighborhood, which preserves historic buildings and has its own gastronomic life.

Boat Rides: Schooners, fishing boats and speedboats departs from the Canal with about 3 hours duration trips by Lagoa de Araruama, Ilha do Japones and Praia Brava . The morning tours are best for diving, while the end of the day ones are perfect for enjoying the sunset. To behold the beauty underwater, the tip is board the Nautillus, a modern vessel with a transparent platform installed on the bottom that allows underwater observation. A guide gives details of the species during the tour. The “one-hour script” navigates the Cabo Frio coast; and the “one-and-half-hour script” goes to Arraial do Cabo. Boats leave hourly from Canal de Itajuru , from 8h to 16h.

Bikinis Street: Over than 70 shops offer swimsuits and accessories produced in the city. Besides the quality, the good prices guarantee the movement of any time of the year.

Cabo Frio (2016):
Area: 400.693 Km 2.
Population: 200.380 population
Climate: Tropical with dry winter
Timezone: UTC -3 hours
Latitude/Longitude: 22o 52’44” S 42o 01’08” O
Distance from Rio de Janeiro: 155 km
Language: Portuguese
Local Currency: Real
Useful phone numbers:
Hospital: (55) (22) 2645-2626
Taxi: (55) (22) 2645-5463//2643-0926
Bus Station: (55) (22) 2647-2535
Tourist Information Center: (55) (22) 2646-7959// 2647-6227


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