Arraial do Cabo

It is an Atlantic paradise surrounded by beaches that enchant residents and tourists who are visiting the place. The city has some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Brazilian coast, such as dunes, lagoons, beaches and big shores. Who thanks are divers, who find the best places in the country to practice the sport. In addition to the clear waters, Arraial do Cabo is home to a diverse marine life are turtles, squid, lobsters, stingrays and even dolphins living in harmony in there. The boat rides have beautiful landscapes, with a break on the Praia do Farol, one of the most beautiful in Brazil. Not to mention that, watch the sunset in the Pontal do Atalaia (one of the mandatory programs), is free!

Boat Ride: The average duration of the boat ride is 3h30m. The time of departure of the boats generaly starts around 10 am and ends at 11:30 am, except in high season, where output takes place until 14:30. Output Location: Praia dos Anjos pier. If it was no weather conditions on the day, the captaincy may suspend the tour. Usually this occurs in days of strong wind.

Arraial do Cabo (2016):
Área/Area: 152.305 Km 2.
Population: 28.866 habitantes/population
Climate: Tropical
Timezone: UTC -3 horas
Distance from Rio de Janeiro: 118 km
Latitude/ Longitude: 22o 57’57” S 42o 01’40” O
Language: Portuguese
Local Currency: Real
Hospital: (55) (22) 2622-2107
Useful phone numbers:
taxi: (55) (22) 2622-5476
Bus Station: (55) (22) 2622-1488//2645-5454
Tourist Information Center: (55) (22) 2622-1949


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